Expeditions and Projects


Expeditioning is in our DNA

Watch our students in The Line, a film about their trek through a remote part of Namibia. Data collected aimed to improve the ecology of the area and facilitate the movement of animals.


More expedition examples from 2019 include:


An 11 day expedition on The Ardèche river exploring opportunities within the Ardèche river system to develop new routes - and expand existing routes - for light inflatable pack rafts.


Marine and Coastal Tourism students went on expedition with German-based company Áetem which aims to foster a community of environmentally mindedsea-trekking professionals.

Professional Adventure Projects

Your final year project is a unique approach to the idea of research developed by SOAS and brilliantly suited to the kind of career that you may be following. 

Got a great idea, or see the need for a new product? Here is your chance to roll up your sleeves and be creative. 

Our student projects are already emerging as real-world innovations and attracting attention from national organisations such as the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Project ideas have included:

  • West Coast Snorkel Trail – bringing new access and opportunities
  • Developing a Sustainable Tourism Strategy for a remote Iceland community
  • Creating Therapeutic Adventure coaching solutions for people with chronic illness