We are committed to providing an excellent education and high-quality services to our students from enrolment to graduation.

We take complaints very seriously and aim to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We value complaints and ensure that we learn from them to help us improve our services and the quality of your college experience.

If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us. This website describes our complaints procedure and how to make a complaint. It also tells you about how we will handle your complaint and what you can expect from us.

If you would prefer to offer constructive feedback rather than a formal complaint, please find details of our Red Button service here.

What is a complaint? content

What is a complaint?

What is a complaint?

What is a complaint?

We regard a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction about our action or lack of action, or about the standard of service provided by us or on our behalf. 

The document CHP Part 5 - A guide for complainants provides more detail about the kind of things which can be considered as a complaint.

How do I complain? content

How do I complain?

How do I complain?

The document CHP Part 5 - A guide for complainants provides detailed guidance about how to complain.

You can complain in person, by phone, in writing or by email. For details of how your personal data will be processed during the complaints process, please read our Enquiries and Complaints Privacy Notice.

You may use our Complaint Form to help you to structure your complaint, if you wish.

The Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) content Contact Details content

Contact Details

Contact Details

Postal address


Telephone number

Complaints Officer

Quality Office

UHI North, West and Hebrides

Ormlie Road


KW14 7EE (0) 1847 889208


What if I'm still dissatisfied? content

What if I'm still dissatisfied?

What if I'm still dissatisfied?

If a complainant has exhausted all stages of our complaints procedure and remains dissatisfied with our decision or the way in which the complaint has been handled, there is a right of appeal to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) or the Scottish Qualifications Agency (SQA) (or other awarding body) to look at it. For qualifications that are regulated, if you remain dissatisfied with the way the awarding body has handled your complaint then you may complain to the qualifications regulator, SQA Accreditation.

Scottish Public Services Ombusman

You can ask the SPSO to look at your complaint if;

  • You have gone all the way through the UHI North Highland complaints handling procedure
  • It is less than 12 months after you became aware of the matter you want to complaint about
  • The matter has not been (and is not being) considered in a court

The SPSO will ask you to complete a complaint form and provide a copy of our final response to your complaint.  You can do this online at or call them on Freephone 0800 377 7330.

The SPSO's contact details are;


Bridgeside House

99 McDonald Road



SQA Accreditation

For regulated qualifications, you can ask SQA Accreditation to look at your complaint by following the link below to their website;

Complaints Reporting content

Complaints Reporting

Complaints Reporting

It is a requirement that a summary of complaint numbers and outcomes is reported upon.

Higher Education reporting for the University Partnership will be available on the UHI website.

Further Education reporting below provides a summary of the number of complaints considered and the average time to resolve

Quarter 1 August 2023 - October 2023

Number of complaints  
Number of complaints resolved at stage 1  
Average number of days to resolve at stage 1  
Number of complaints resolved at stage 2  
Average number of days to resolve at stage 2  
Further Reading content

Further Reading

Further Reading

The UHI unreasonable complaint behaviour policy provides information about our expectations of complainants.