Mental Health and Wellbeing


You may have problems at home, a health issue that is worrying you, or be facing homelessness or housing problems.  You can talk to us in confidence about any issues that are affecting you. 

Registering with a Doctor 

If you have moved away from home to study, you should register with a local doctor. This is important because: 

  • Getting medical attention can be difficult if you are suddenly taken ill and have not registered with a GP 
  • Absence from college for a period of five days or more requires a medical certificate (self-certification is OK for up to five days). provides comprehensive up-to-date health information and self-care advice for people living in Scotland. Call 111 outside surgery hours or for general queries about health.

Generally, being a student does not entitle you to automatic discounts on optician and dental charges, however, other circumstances may mean you are entitled to free or discounted charges. You must complete an HC1 application form that is available from most Doctors, Dental Surgeries, Chemists, Benefits Offices or Post Offices. 

For more information on entitlement, contact the NHS Patient Enquiry Line on 0845 850 1166 


In Student Services we can help with a wide variety of issues and put you in touch with outside agencies that provide specialist help and information, such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Western Isles Foyer Project, CnES Homelessness Service, Breathing Space, CAHMS etc. 

You can talk to us in confidence. Find out how to get in touch on our Contact us page.

Digital Den 

An area created specifically for all books, podcasts, TV shows and movies that we think you will like to explore. Dealing with topics including mental health, sexuality, eating disorders and many more. Explore Digital Den 


You can protect yourself against meningitis and septicaemia. New Government Policy gives all students entering University for the first time a chance to get immunisation against meningitis.  Find out how to get this important vaccination. For more information read this guidance.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 

Tips for living with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

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