Discretionary Funding

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Discretionary Funding

Discretionary funds are primarily for emergency use and in cases of financial hardship. They may be awarded as emergency payments or to help with accommodation costs for single students who have no eligibility for Housing Benefit or payment of housing costs through Universal Credit.

To be considered for accommodation assistance you will need to have a tenancy in your name and be registered at that address for council tax purposes. Students qualify for Council Tax Exemption but still need to be registered at the property.

Emergency payments may also be made from this fund, and these are considered on a case-by-case basis. This fund is means-tested.

What you will need:

  • Proof of housing costs - Mortgage/Tenancy Agreement
  • Council Tax letter
  • Proof of payments
  • Household income
  • Two months’ recent and consecutive bank statements
  • Three months’ recent and consecutive payslips

Please note: You must tick the hardship box (paying rent) on the first page of the application. If you wish to apply after you have already completed an application, you should request a “Re-assessment/Appeal” through your UHI Record.