Qualifications explained


With UHI North, West and Hebrides, students have the opportunity to progress right up the qualifications ladder. Start with one of our popular senior phase courses and see where we can take you!

On successful completion of your course, you will be awarded a recognised qualification from SQA at a level equivalent to National 4 through to Advanced Higher, Higher National Certificate or the first year of university.

Understanding Senior Phase qualifications:

  • Nationals 4s, National 5s and Highers are exactly the same as the Nationals and Highers you will study in school. Our offer simply provides you with greater choice if you don’t have access to the course in school.
  • National Progression Awards prepare you for employment, career development or further study in a variety of specialist vocational areas.
  • Skills for Work (SfW) courses are designed to prepare you for the world of work. They offer practical experiences linked to careers.
  • Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) are work-based qualifications. They are designed to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the national occupational standards (NOS) to perform a particular job.
  • A Foundation Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 6 (equivalent to a Higher) provides a work-based learning opportunity, where students will attend college and a work placement with a local employer. Completing a Foundation Apprenticeship can lead to progression onto a job, such as a Modern Apprenticeship or Graduate Apprenticeship.
  • Degree Modules (various) are available for pupils in S6 to provide a taste of what it’s like to study at first year university degree level and strengthen your UCAS applications.
  • Higher National Units form part of a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and Higher National Diploma (HND). These qualifications provide practical skills and theoretical knowledge for employment or Higher Education

SCQF Levels Explained

All of our course awards sit within the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. For more information and an interactive version of the table below, head to: Understanding SCQF Levels

table explaining SCQF levels