Frequently asked questions


How do I apply for courses at UHI North, West and Hebrides?

All course applications are completed online. You can find the application links by clicking on your school badge. Remember that your personal statement plays a crucial role in the application process, as it helps our teaching staff assess your suitability for the programme. We will notify you and your school of the application outcome through the email address you provide, so please check it regularly.

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When will I attend my course?

This is individual to each course. Please refer to the specific course details to find out more.

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What will I study in my chosen course?

Detailed information about the content and topics can be found on each course page.

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How will my progress be assessed?

Assessment methods vary depending on the subject area and course level. These methods may include collecting portfolios of evidence, maintaining personal records, completing activity checklists, taking short tests, and participating in external exams.

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How do I get to the college?

Transportation arrangements for most courses are organised through your school. Please consult your guidance teacher for more information.

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Do students have opportunities to connect with employers?

Student engagement with employers varies depending on the course level. UHI North, West and Hebrides collaborates closely with employers to align course content with job expectations and standards.

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What support is available for students?

At UHI North, West and Hebrides, we have a dedicated Student Support team to assist you throughout your journey. Additionally, all higher education students are assigned a Personal Academic Tutor who can provide guidance on matters like attendance, absence, progress, and other course-related issues.

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Are the qualifications recognized by employers and universities?

Yes, all our courses are accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), making them widely recognised by both employers and universities. For more details, please visit our Qualifications Explained page.

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What is meant by "employability"?

"Employability" refers to the essential skills and attitudes highly valued by employers. Our skill-link courses focus on developing these skills, which include understanding workplace dynamics, self-assessment, a positive attitude towards learning, adaptability in problem-solving, and confidence in setting goals and learning from experience.