Graduation - Save the date

Graduation is a special day when you get to celebrate your achievements with friends and family. It’s also a special day for our staff, who are incredibly proud of you!

Our graduation ceremonies are open to all full time further and higher education students who have successfully completed their studies this year. This includes students who have been awarded as well as students who will be awarded later because of delays caused by the current industrial action. 

We will have three graduation ceremonies across our North, West and Outer Hebrides regions. More information and booking details will be available soon.

Save the date

Date Location Details Contact
Wednesday 18 September The Nevis Centre, Fort William Further information to follow Anne Maree Dykes
Friday 20 September Martin's Memorial Church, Stornoway Further information to follow Mabel Finlayson
Wednesday 25 September St Peters and St Andrews Church, Thurso Further information to follow Christine Campbell
Graduation mace